Leo Dottavio’s Comedy

Leo Dottavio is currently blazing a path toward success in the world of comedy. He has shifted his focus from acting, reality television, and stuntwork to his passion for making people laugh, and for helping generate a medium to discuss social issues. He has been creating comedic entertainment through Youtube and his podcast, as well as developing his stand-up craft. Leo has two comedy channels which he regularly updates on YouTube, which have been gaining significant viewership and are listed below.

Leo Dottavio brings insight from his background in athletics, acting, reality television, stunt work, and from being a well-known personality to bear in creating a comedic approach that critiques, pranks, and pokes fun at most things. His comedy covers subjects ranging from normal life in our fast-changing world to jokes about Hollywood and other forms of commentary.

Leo has been honing his stand-up comedy performance. He often performs at Los Angeles area comedy clubs, and also travels the country performing at venues across several different states. He has toured Indiana, Texas, and several other locations, working to create and perfect his stand-up routines.

The Leo and Danny Show:

Leo and his friend Danny Mullen publish their weekly comedy podcast. The two talk about their perspective on the world as comedians and denizens of the twenty-first century. They cover topics and social commentary on a variety of issues including human nature, irreverent relationships, general life advice, and other subjects.

Life of Leo:

Here you can follow Leo as events occur in his daily life. Leo puts himself and his world on display through weekly updates, showcasing his irreverent humor, accents, pranks, character work, and other comedic creations and events.

You can also follow Leo’s comedy by clicking on the links below:

The Leo and Danny Show

Life of Leo